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Thursday, December 25, 2008

About Miranda Cosgrove

Used to be, every kid wanted to be a pop star when she or he grew up. Now every kid just wants to have his or her own Webcast, apparently. Or at least that's the concept behind iCarly, new 'tween sensation-in-the-making Miranda Cosgrove's Nickelodeon vehicle. Cosgrove stars as Carly, just a normal eighth grader who happens to live with her wacky older brother, a sculptor, in his super-cool artist's loft while her parents are overseas. Oh yeah, and she broadcasts her own Web show. So where does the music come in? Well, 14-year-old Cosgrove sings "Leave It All to Me," the theme song to iCarly, but she also got her start in music at age three, when she started singing and dancing the Taste of L.A. restaurant and impressed an agent who was dining there. From there, she went on to commercials, a part in School of RockDrake and Josh, which led to iCarly. (she played bossy boots Summer Hathaway), guest-starring gigs on several Nickelodeon shows and a starring role as the bratty kid sister on Nick's

- Rachel Devitt

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